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Northern Plains Public Interest Law Firm was initiated by North Dakota Farm Bureau to defend issues relating to private property rights and management issues, the operation of farms and ranches and issues affecting rural schools and agricultural communities. In addition, the law firm will provide education and assistance to increase the knowledge level of issues facing farmers and ranchers in the Northern Plains and elsewhere. 

The issue
NPPILF and North Dakota Farm Bureau simply want clarification on issue: Is the State
injuring private property rights when it promotes the use of unposted private land as public hunting lands?” 

No one would think about hunting on a privately owned rural golf course, for instance, but a privately owned pasture or field seems to be a different matter. Unfortunately, people don’t understand that entering private lands for hunting purposes without permission is unlawful. 

Asking for permission to enter private land is a basic common courtesy and shows respect for a basic common law property right. By respecting the common law property rights of private landowners, and honoring their desire to know who is hunting on their lands, private landowners are more likely to provide hunting access to the public, and less likely to enter exclusive hunting leases.

We believe that the more farmers and ranchers feel they are losing control over who has access to their property, the less likely they are to allow public hunting access. Asking permission before hunting on private land is a powerful step toward improving the prospects for public hunting access on privately-owned lands.

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